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The recent Minnesota storms that have taken over Coon Rapids, St Cloud, Blaine, Forest Lake, Hugo, and more have caused a crazy amount of exterior home damage. With that comes a lot of confusion for homeowners about what the next steps are when your home gets hit by a storm. If you are a homeowner looking for answers on how to get your home damage fixed, you’re at the right spot.

Look below for information on what you should address immediately after the storm, examples of damage that has happened in Minnesota recently, and work Highmark Exteriors has done. If you are still unsure of the next steps, feel free to give us a call about your damage and we can help you out!

Storm Damage In Minnesota On The News

These cities have been hit hard this summer.


Coon Rapids

A large hail storm hit the city, coating it in so much hail that it looked like snow.


High winds and a hail thunderstorm came through the city causing a lot of damage and fallen trees.


A severe thunderstorm left thousands of people without power and abundant damage to their homes.

mote debris

Forest Lake

A tornado went through Forest Lake causing major damage. Neighbors worked together to help with cleanup.

St Cloud

Strong winds and lots of rain caused power outages, fallen trees, and home damage for many.


What to do when your house gets hit by a storm

Make sure there will not be a second wind

Sometimes a storm looks like it is done, but there is a second wind. Make sure the storm has passed completely before you exit your shelter.

Dress appropriately

Wear closed toed shoes and clothes that protect your skin in case something falls or there is glass on the ground.

Check for immediate emergencies

Look for threats that need to be addressed right away. Downed power lines, leaking natural gas, a tree that has not fallen but might soon, injured people, etc.

Address any downed power lines or electrical hazards

Before you touch anything, make sure there is not a power line down. If there is, do not touch anything around it and call 911 to inform the city.

Look for damage on your house and property

Assess the damage that was done to your house and take pictures for reference. Here is an article with more details on how to properly assess your damage

Call a contractor you trust

Don’t accept the first contractor that knocks on your door after the storm. Get at least 3 quotes from contractors and choose the one that gives you the best customer service, can work with your insurance, and get you the home exterior you decide.

Submit an insurance claim

You will need to submit an insurance claim and have an adjuster come out to your property. Do this as soon as possible so that you can beat your neighbors and be first in line. It also gives them less reason to think that any damage was not caused by the storm.

Storm Damage Seen By Highmark Exteriors

Here are some examples of exterior damage that we have seen in the aftermath of the storm.