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As part of their dedication to giving back, Highmark ExteriorsHighmark Builders and Highmark Restoration employees came together to collect enough shoes to keep local people and families fed for many months to come.

shoeawayhungerStatistics show that 15 percent of U.S. households are facing food insecurity with that number jumping to 21 percent when children are part of the household.

But, how can you feed people with shoes?

Well, the items were collected for Shoe Away Hunger, which is a partner-program through Minneapolis-based Good in the Hood, that collects footwear such as boots, flip flops, sports shoes, sneakers, ice skates or casual shoes. The program takes shoes that are wearable and either sells them or gives them to people in need. Those that are not wearable are sold by the pound or recycled in an eco-friendly manner. The revenue then goes to support Good in the Hood’s Feeding The Futures programs.

Just one pair of gently used shoes can provide seven days worth of groceries for a person in need. And Highmark collected 90 pairs, which is enough to provide a person with food for nearly two years. Highmark collected 12 bags of used clothing to donate to the cause, too.

“Knowing that we were able to make a real difference for a person or family struggling with hunger is amazing,” Office Manager and Project Administrator Melissa Diekmann said. “Something that seems really small can make a huge difference.”

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