Category: Ice Dam Removal

Ice dams are certainly not a fun winter project that a homeowner wants to tackle. They can damage your home inside and out and leave you with expensive fixes.

HME IceDam 07 KL

The best way to avoid these costs is to take preventative actions. Here are our suggestions for preventing ice dams from forming:

  • Remove snow from your roof after each new snowfall with a roof rake. Constantly keeping your roof clean of snow eliminates one of the required elements for ice dam formation.
  • Make sure cracks are sealed.
  • Properly insulate the attic area.
  • Make sure you gutters a clear of any debris. This will ensure that any melt can freely flow down and away from the home.

If you see large icicles (usually more than the diameter of an aluminum can) hanging from your roof, you’re probably dealing with ice dams. We highly recommend that you don’t try to remove these yourself, but rather use a professional who has the equipment and the experience to do it right.

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