The Highmark Exteriors crews are experienced in the challenges each project presents.

No one is more diligent or exacting in home exterior repair or replacement in Minnesota. From architecturally complex homes to simpler dwellings, we work hard to make sure your project is done to the highest standards.

Circle roofing 2


Your roof has a big job to do: it helps keep your home warm in winter, cool in summer, and dry all year around. But if you take good care of your roof, it will take good care of you.

Circle siding 2


Well-chosen siding enhances your home’s architectural style for stellar curb appeal. From stucco to wood to fiber cement, Highmark provides a wide array of handsome, affordable siding options.

Circle windows


Energy-efficient, well-designed windows save money, reduce your carbon footprint and give your home character. Highmark can install replacement windows or new custom windows.


Circle gutters


Keep water where it belongs—away from your home—while adding curb appeal with beautiful, low-maintenance gutters.

Circle storm

Storm Damage Repair

Weather-related damage to homes is common in Minnesota. We’re experienced in securing your home and completing repairs quickly and efficiently.

Circle ice

Ice Dam Removal

Our professional steam teams clear up ice dams in a few hours to prevent the all-too-common water damage that can occur inside your home.