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Searching for new siding is quite the adventure. There are a lot of factors that go into getting new siding. You need to decide on the type of siding, the style, the primary color, the secondary color, etc. We are here to help with a beautiful collection of house siding colors.

These exterior siding colors are prime examples of stunning exteriors. Hopefully, these will help inspire you! 

As an expert siding company, we want to make sure you know that certain types of siding fade quicker and easier than others.

vinyl siding color

Siding Types and Colors

Vinyl has the most options in prefinished colors, but you don’t really have the option to paint them any color you'd like. LP SmartSide and James Hardie have a smaller selection of prefinished colors, but they can be primed and painted to whatever color you would like.

#1 Blue Siding

Thinking about getting blue siding? Blue siding and white trim are a classic design combination, while black and gray works very well with a darker, navy color. What do you think about the red door in the second picture below?

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#2 Green

Green siding is a very common siding color here in Minnesota due to our luscious landscapes. Green works well with beige, white, and brown colors - even red! 

HardiePanel Vertical SidingModern Vinyl SidingIMG 2577 1House Siding Cool Green Colors

#3 Beige Siding

Beige has an earthy tone to it that matches well with nearly any surrounding environment. Beige and brick are a match made in heaven. Here are some beige exterior examples:

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#4 Gray Siding

Gray is a trending color that is here to stay. Whether you prefer dark or light, gray siding is a fabulous neutral color that lets your trim pop. Gray is a wonderful choice because it can go well with any complimentary color.

exterior paint colors wood siding 5 1HME_Lau_After_SpCr_014.jpgnew siding by Highmark in MN2 siding options mn CCH

#5 Red & Brown

Red and brown are warm colors. They are popular around lake and barn areas, which are very common in Minnesota! Brick looks very charming with these colors.

gallery images photo 4689Ply Gem SolarDefense Red Brick PR101518 roofing contractos mn CoRed and brown siding Highmark Exteriors

Wondering what your home would look like with a different siding color? Highmark Exteriors has a tool that will give you a 3-D model of your home. This will allow you to see how different colors will look. If you have any siding questions or you are ready to get started, contact us today!



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Green 1 -

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Beige 1 -

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Beige 4 -

Gray 1 -

Gray 2 -

Red brown 1 -

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